A report from Quotatis last week confirmed what many of us knew, that the beginning of 2011 was pretty rubbish!

The report stated that conservatory leads were down by a massive 27%. Though enquiries for windows were down only 1%.

There was plenty of talk in the first eight weeks of how quiet things were in the double glazing industry. Companies were wondering if the pace was ever going to pick up, pondering the thought that the beginning of this year was much quieter than normal.

Due to the bad weather at the back end of 2010, the best thing the industry needed was an early boost to trade, as seen at the beginning of 2010. But this didn’t happen. 

Luckily however, March seemed to make up for a poor January and February. Customers came crawling out of the woodwork, ready to make leads and commit to new business. I’m also happy to report that this trend has carried on into the first few days of April.