We are about to enter a part of the year like no other. The Easter Bank Holidays.

Easter is the only time of year where the working weeks become so disorganised and skewed for everybody involved. Delivery schedules are all over the place, fitting schedules become shorter hence less income, sales reps can’t sit leads because offices close. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if we had less bank holidays during this time, and they were spread out a bit more evenly throughout the year. Plus, we get an extra one because of the Royal Wedding.

Being self employed and commission only based, I like to work as much as I can to earn as much as I can. So having so many days off like the ones coming up are more a pain in the backside than anything else. Is this just me being grumpy and greedy?

On a more positive note, I’m happy to say that sales and continued to be very strong, more than making up for a slow start to the year. Lead levels have continued to be healthy, as have sales and profit margins. I think that the recent good weather has spurred people on into making decisions on improving their homes, and with the forecast for the rest of this week to stay sunny and warm, this trend will hopefully continue.