What I Hate About The Victoria Plumb Adverts

I am sure many of you have seen the series of Victoria Plumb adverts over the last few months. Well to be quite honest they bug the living crap out of me, for many reasons! But there is a running theme with them. This is the first one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytyNlzsu7tw Yes, the advert is rather cheesy, [...]

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Transport Costs

Very little to do with double glazing this one but I think this is a post we will all have an opinion on! The cost of transport is rising way beyond what can be called normal and reasonable. A good friend of mine was looking to come up from London to talk about business and [...]

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>A Challenge

>I really have got the bit between my teeth on this issue, but it bugs me so I'm going to carry on talking about it.I'm proposing a challenge: I'm asking those reps/companies who are currently signing up their contracts with little or no profit to come on here and explain why. I would like you [...]

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>It’s Time To Wake Up Sales People!

>Why is it that when companies are being told time and time again that making a decent profit margin is an absolute priority, am I still surrounded by fools who still think it's a good idea to sweep their quotes so much they're doing the work for nothing? All to make sure they win the [...]

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>The Media Are Not Helping

>Here's one theory I have: if the media never reported on the financial collapse and the ensuing recession, we would never have had one.This is a point of view I hear regularly from people. And I must say that I agree pretty much completely. Over the past few weeks, and even today, the TV news has [...]

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>Fuel Prices On The Rise Again

>The start of the week saw Scottish Power announce that it was raising it's gas prices by a staggering 19% and electricity by a further 10% by August this year. It begs the question; why are we paying so much for gas when there is so much of it around? It's not in the same [...]

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>Strange Time Of Year

>We are about to enter a part of the year like no other. The Easter Bank Holidays.Easter is the only time of year where the working weeks become so disorganised and skewed for everybody involved. Delivery schedules are all over the place, fitting schedules become shorter hence less income, sales reps can't sit leads because [...]

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>More Evidence Of Under-Selling

>A new follower on my Twitter account: @AlexanderUpvc has been advertising this offer:Fantastic UPVC Doors With Our Unique Lifetime Warranty – Only £395This Alexander Windows Special Offer is for a 6 point locking, fully reinforced white uPVC front or back door and frame with your choice of clear or obscure glass. Choose from a selection of [...]

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>Over £10 Billion To Repair Potholes

>This is a real pet hate of mine, as it probably is with all road users, but pot holes really are a pain in the backside!The problem is that to repair the 2.2million+ potholes around the country, it's going to cost £10.7 billion! Money that our councils have said they simply don't have.The potholes have [...]

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>Blazing A New Trail

>Have you ever sat down in contemplation, looked at your life where you are right now, and thought: I think I need a fresh start somewhere else?That's where I am right now. Certain personal events have caused me to analyse my friendships with certain people, which, when a lot of them make up the circles [...]

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>My Message To Downing Street

>I don't know what it is, but my frustration with the utter incompetence of this Government, the last Government and the selfish, greedy banks seems to be over-flowing right now. I can't keep it in, so like all good bloggers, I've sent a message. This first one is to Mr Cameron, and it read as follows:Hello. [...]

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