After the frantic five weeks that was April, May turned out to be far more calm. 

As the weather took a bit of a dip compared to April, so did sales. Lead levels slightly quieter, which did have an overall impact on sales. But we are still above target for the quarter which I’m pleased to report.

One stark difference between May and April was the number of conservatory leads. We had plenty in April, but in may these all turned to windows and doors, no mixture. I guess that still shows that the conservatory is still going through a transition period, and that we will likely see more up and down months for that sector.

From what I could gather from other people’s comments, the slowdown in May was matched in other areas. Maybe the splurge in April proved too much to carry and and the industry took a bit of a breather during May.

If we were to compare May to the first two months of 2011 however, it doesn’t come close. Still far more positive. How did everyone else’s May compare to April?