Here’s one theory I have: if the media never reported on the financial collapse and the ensuing recession, we would never have had one.

This is a point of view I hear regularly from people. And I must say that I agree pretty much completely. 

Over the past few weeks, and even today, the TV news has been littered with doom and gloom stories about high inflation, low interest rates, stagnant wages, job cuts, government spending cuts etc. This is exactly the bad press that the spending public do not want to hear. Why do we all want to be made to feel even more depressed about things when we turn the TV on?

We’re all in this together, the media should shoulder some of that moral responsibility and start to broadcast some more positive news. Negativity isn’t going to get this country spending again. Good evidence of this was the recent royal wedding. I don’t know about everyone else but leading up to that day business was booming. People were happy, positive and ready to spend their cash. After that, and when the media lost interest and focused back on the economy, it all dipped again.

Things like this really grind my gears. Businesses are doing their damned best to make the best of a bad situation. Negative media will only exacerbate the problems and make life even harder.

And before any of you lot go saying: “well you’re not so positive yourself”, well I think I’m allowed to be a bit downbeat about things sometimes on here, I’m not watched by tens of millions of people in this country every night. I don’t think I’m not going to have a national impact on here!