>For the past few days the Tesco Windows website has been down. Is this just a technical problem, or does this mean something more substantial?

During it’s very early stages the website had a conservatory section, which was then later removed. No explanation as to why, but maybe they started to realise how much work really goes into building a conservatory, and the paperwork that goes with it.

But the website has now been down since last Thursday. Are they making changes or are they completely re-thinking their strategy in this industry?

In an earlier post I had written an open letter to them and sent them a copy via their email address, but as of yet I have heard absolutely nothing from them. That was their opportunity to answer some the of questions that were being asked. 

Would it be a bad thing if they weren’t here though? The poll I’ve got going at the moment is showing that no one really knows what to think of them.