A couple of comments have been made over the past couple of days on Twitter about this, but I must say I have known about this issue for about a year, but didn’t want to say anything until now. 

Yale have their own composite door website in which prospective customers can go design their own door in great deal, and order for it to be fitted by Yaledoor fitting teams. All this would be fine, if it wasn’t Door Stop in Yale’s clothing! Thousands of companies buy door slabs and ready to fit doors from Door-Stop at good rates. The last thing any of us need is a company the size of Yale to muddy the waters. I have had a customer in the past use them versus us, annoyed me a little bit. To make the waters even murkier and more confusing, Yale have just carried out a massive advertising campaign with various companies to help push their new Keyfree door handles on Door-Stop’s composite doors.

So are Yale here to help? Or are they just treading on other company’s toes? Well I’m of the latter opinion. Trading is hard enough as it is, we don’t need Yale making that task even harder. And by all accounts, they’re cheaper than some companies in the south of the country, which I’m sure isn’t going down well.

Would be nice to get some comment from either Yale or Door-Stop on this matter. But personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Yaledoor website disappearing!