I’ve been toying with the idea of putting adverts on my site for a while now. The traffic to my site has been steadily building over the last few months, and with me being lucky enough to be writing in a couple of magazines now, I would like to think that traffic will improve further through being in the magazines. 

I’ve asked the question on Twitter before about whether I should put adverts up, a few said no. But when there is an opportunity to make a little extra cash out of something I’ve put a lot of effort into, I don’t see the harm.

The adverts are of course going to be related to what this blog is about. I’m also going to make sure that they are placed in and around the site in a way which doesn’t detract from my articles and postings. There’s nothing worse than going on to a blog which has loads of ads and makes it hard to read the main body of text.

I’m thinking of only putting three adverts up at the moment. Nothing massive in size, but big enough to have the desired impact and something that people will notice and click on. If the adverts don’t work for me, or I find that traffic drops and I get negative feedback, then I will take the adverts down. For now this is a sort of experiment, but if it works, it will stay in place.

You should be seeing the adverts later on tonight, once I have got to grips with Google Adsense!