I read a 3 day old thread on http://double-glazing-forum.com/topics.aspx?ID=434 in which a customer explains that a national company told him that the other two local companies couldn’t possibly have A rated windows as only they (Anglian) and Everest are the only ones who have that rating.

After years of energy rated windows being very widely available, and at the A rated standard, it surprises me that sales reps are still spouting this sort of rubbish. I say sales reps because it may not be company policy to use false information like that during a sales demo. But if there are elements of the company saying such things, then this needs to be seen as a wake up call and to right such a laughable wrong!

If we’re trying to improve the reputation of the industry, we need to start being genuine with the general public. These sorts of lies and distortions only serve to confuse potential customers, alienating them, giving them a more negative view of our profession.

And before anyone starts to think I’m being hypocritical by mentioning national companies even though their ads might pop up next to this post, well I’m not. The ads are randomly generated by Google, not placed by me. And I won’t change the way I write. If there’s crap practices to be aired, then I will carry on doing so.