If the Green Deal is to be a success (putting aside my skepticism that it will be dominated by the largest companies in the UK) then it will need to garner the same amount of public interest and awareness that the car scrappage scheme did.

The image above clearly shows that since the beginning of the year the Green Deal has become a much more popular term searched for in Google. This is a trend that is going to need to continue. These sorts of schemes only work when there is massive public awareness.

The other necessity is that for both the public and those businesses participating in it, the deal has to be easy to understand. There’s nothing worse than trying to flog something which is too complicated to understand in full. Both parties will turn off to the idea. So the Government needs to make it as clear as possible to companies and customer how they qualify for the deal, what it entails, what can be bought through it etc. 

There are still many questions left unanswered about the Green Deal.  Even the initial explanation of how the Green Deal will work is still a little bit hard to digest. I’m sure in the coming months all issues with the scheme will become clearer.