Everyone seems to have an opinion on the strikes that happened last Wednesday. So here’s mine, and I’ll try and keep this as swift as possible. On a subject like this it’s easy to get carried away!

For me, striking at a time when the country is struggling to get it’s economy back on track is down right selfish. The point of the Unions is that their workers signed a contract which said their pensions would be protected. However, we live in extraordinary times, therefore the menial contract means very little right now. People and companies have to be open to constant change and adaptation, if the economy is to function as smoothly as possible. This is something the private sector seems to understand. Which is also the reason why the private sector always seems to get annoyed at the public sector. The private is the first to feel the effects of any downturn, but just seems to get on with things, no matter how unhappy they might be. This isn’t something that can be said for the public.

These strikes also took place while negotiations were still on going, which to me is quite rude and shows very little respect for the talking/negotiation process. It was always my thinking that measures like this were only taken when every possibility of a positive result are exhausted. However it seems that negotiations with the Government were not exhausted, so more time should have been given.

This is only my brief opinion right now, and will publish a far more elaborate and detailed report as to why these strikes were very much the wrong course of action to take.