Normally, I wouldn’t post something like this, but when the industry is trying to shake off the rogue trader reputation, it’s comments like these that need to be made and example of, and that of the company who made it. Just to prove that this comment is genuine, it was not left by an anonymous commenter, the comment has been signed by the company IN FULL, and left their email address.

Sales people and double glazing companies all lie. We lie and tell people that our windows are steel inforced but really its just UPVC. Customers are the biggest fucking suckers around. So who cares what they think, they still buy the crap that is cheap.

Thermoglaze (UK) Ltd

I don’t know in what world they expected when they sent this comment to me. I was either going to do two things. One, not publish it and just delete it, or two, publish it and make an example of what terrible disrespect they show for their customers. Without them, they wouldn’t even have the office to sit in from when they made this comment. Shameful.

A note to any potential buyers of windows and doors out there. These are just the sentiments of one reckless and highly unprofessional company and certainly does NOT represent the industry as a whole.

I welcome your responses, as I’m sure there will be a few on this one!

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