Looks like the nationals will say anything in order to get business, even if it is complete bullshit.

I quoted a customer where I was up against Safestyle, and the customer told me that Safestyle informed him that only the big three national companies (Anglian and Everest being the other two) use argon gas filled units.

To be fair on the customer he knew he was being told rubbish as he had had other quotes before Safestyle’s. This seems to be a recurring theme among salesmen from the national companies. They don’t seem to know a great deal about the product, they resort to lying when they think they aren’t going to get the business and their high pressure sales tactics annoy people more and more often.

I know that saying something as trivial as they did seems small, but it is a symptom of a larger problem within the national companies. They don’t seem to be able to train their sales staff well enough to do the job well.