On February 10th I was lucky enough to go see UAP at their offices in Whitefield near bury and how they work. It was unlike any type of offices environment I had seen so far during my time in this industry. What I mean by this, is that there was no big white clinical warehouse feel to it. What I did see what an amazing and refreshing amount of attention to detail when it came to the environment their staff were working in.

Instead of cold, loud laminate flooring everywhere, the main offices had ‘living room grade’ cream think carpets in. Much warmer, quieter and comfortable. I know this seems like a small detail but trust me, it makes a difference. The staff toilets were done to 5 start hotel standards. Again, a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but if the amenities in the workplace are done to a high standard, employees naturally appreciate it (providing they look after them) and work better.

More major things that impressed me was the ‘Quiet/Prayer Room’. UAP employ Muslims and provide that part of the workforce a quiet, quality room in which they can carry out their prayers. To the rest of the staff it is a room where they can escape for a few minutes if they need to de-stress and clam down for a few minutes before going back to work. No I can bet most of the offices in our industry don’t have one of those rooms!

And I can bet that just about all other offices don’t have one of these; a fully fitted kitchen, like the type you see in restaurants or café’s with two full time Chefs, not cooks, Chefs! The food is free for all members of staff, and is made fresh daily. The kitchen also provides food for the rest of the trading estate where their offices are based. As written in a previous post on UAP, the kitchen does provide food for a homeless charity in Bury too. They even have an American size freezer packed full of food in their main building!

For those who cycle to work or get in early, there is a very nice and rather large shower room where people can get a wash and freshen up before work. Trust me, I wish we had a shower room as big and as well done out as that one!

It’s the attention to detail as well as the big things that impressed me when I went there. Quality plaques on the doors for each department. A trade counter most would be jealous of. Pictures from Nepal showing off their charity work. All staff were friendly and introduced themselves to me. David explained to me that providing a homely environment to work in and a nice place to work in means staff are more productive and business runs smoother, and he was right. There was a nice rhythm about the place and all the staff seemed more than happy to be working there.