Anyone who’s ever sold windows supply only or to builders will know how frustrating this part of our industry is. When a builder comes in and buys windows off you, you know how many potential issues and arguments there may be when it comes to them fitting them!

Do any of these quotes sound familiar to you?

“There’s a scratch on this glass!”

“You’ve made the windows too small!”

“You’ve made the windows too big!”

“My door has dropped!”

All these quotes fall into the category of: Excuses not to pay. I think most of us cringe at the prospect of supply only work, especially to builders, because of the inherent difficulties that come with that type of work. The problem is that builders are builders. They’re good at building things (well, supposed to be) like walls and extensions. They’re not fully trained in fitting windows and doors, so any potential issues with the product are down to installation more than anything else.

The thing that frustrates most installation companies is the blame that is put on them for any problem with the job. Fact is, it is highly unlikely that the installation company will have scuffed any frame, scratched any glass unit or made the windows and doors wrong. The company relies on the person buying the products to give them wholly accurate information. By this time, the installation company is probably way late on getting payment from the builder, the relationship has turned sour and leaves the installation company thinking what’s the point for so little profit?

These jobs are simply way too complicated than they are straight forward and don’t command decent profit margins. Is it worth it for installation companies that mostly deal with residential contracts to delve into builders contracts and other small scale commercial work? I don’t think so, but for fear of keeping up appearances, we all do.

Builders should stick to building, that’s what they’re there for. Leave the window and door fitting to dedicated window and door fitters!