There’s probably more. Anyone see the issue? There’s just too many. Does the industry really need to be bogged down in abbreviated associations, federations and alliances? I don’t think so. We all like to have the odd badge to show off to customers what we’re part of, but where there’s about half a dozen you’re associated with, doesn’t it all get a bit too much?

I’d even go as far to say that the group of industry related organizations is an industry in itself now. Surely some of these organizations can be merged with others to consolidate them?

Here’s the other point I’d like to make which I know some of my Twitter friends will reiterate and back me up on; having all these organizations promotes a negative image of the industry. To the switched on customer who does a bit of thinking, he/she may quite possibly come to the conclusion that if there are installers registered to more than just a few of these schemes/groups, then perhaps they must need it and they’re not that much of a reputable installer.

Take the IWA for example. It’s an insurance backed guarantee scheme that many thousands of companies are registered with. We ourselves are part of it – but rarely push it. Reason: we don’t want to give our customers reason to think that we are imminently about to go under. We explain that it’s there for absolute peace of mind if they feel it necessary, but go on at length about the age of our company, our excellent reputation and top customer service. Something which a lot of installers are guilty of not doing. See my point?

Why give the public a reason to think the industry needs so many schemes and safety nets?

Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter. Feel free to comment and add any more trade bodies that I may have missed out!