A statement from Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has confirmed that the Green Deal is to be pushed back 6 months. With Secondary Legislation to be ‘laid in early 2013’. I hate to say it, but, I told you so!

In a post I only published yesterday I predicted that the Green Deal would be launched in 2013, not October this year as was originally planned. There has been just too many setbacks for the scheme to cope with and I was of the opinion that more research and study had to be done to get this right, rather than rush the bill through in October just to save face.

I predicted that Spring 2013 would be the new launch date and it’s turned out to be a pretty accurate prediction. While I hope that the Green Deal does do well to boost our industry, it has to be thought through correctly and allows all willing participants in the scheme to benefit.

You can see another report on this, which @MarkWarren3 alerted me to, here: http://www.clickgreen.org.uk/news/national-news/123314-decc-confirms-delay-to-green-deal-legislation.html