An article published last week on the website has explained that the slow movement by the big six energy companies is pushing the Green Deal towards a 2013 launch rather than this October.

The Government has denied this, but the DECC did go on to say that loan repayments may not be collected until 2013, and maintained that this was part of a ‘carefully managed launch’. Which is basically spin for ‘this is taking longer than we thought but we should still get it out on time.’

This news comes on top previous reports from the Governments own departments suggesting that the scheme will actually harm the rate at which people have their homes better insulated.

From speaking to others within our industry, the main concern with companies is that more needs to be done to better explain how the deal would work and how it would be ensured that the whole industry is boosted, rather than just the biggest companies.

The Government needs to take a step back here and think about a few things. They need to make sure they have enough research to be certain that this scheme would actually work. So far I don’t think they have done that as a lot of the results of both independent and Government studies have come back with less than positive results. They also need to ask themselves if it would be beneficial to put back the launch date of the scheme. Announcing the scheme in October of this year when all aspects of the deal may not be ready may prove harmful. Going ahead in October to ‘save face’ is the wrong way to go about it. I say go back and study a bit more and launch in Spring 2013.

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