Many of will have seen a post I have done recently about the need for a change in the energy ratings scale due to the very high standard A ratings out there at the moment. Well it appears that we may be about to see a brand new section added to the energy ratings ladder.

On Tuesday, FENSA put out this tweet: News Flash! Look out for a special announcement at @fitshow from our sister company #BFRC regarding energy ratings #FENSA #doubleglazing

I then replied: @FENSA_Windows @fitshow I can see a double A rating coming! #AA

To which Phil Parry from Eurocell added: @glazingblogger A+ (anything achieving A10 or more) #hearditherefirst

So, either the BFRC read my post and thought “what a good idea” or they were already on the case of improving the grading system. Either way, this is an important step. Having ridiculously high standard energy A rated windows threatened to undermine the rating itself and confuse the customer even more. There has been many occasions where customers have told me that they just thought an A rated window was an A rated window and didn’t think there was any difference.

By having an A+ rating, it will help make clear to the consumer that there are indeed different grades of A rated window out there in the market place, and will help them make a better, more informed choice as to who they choose to do their home improvement work.

Of course, this is all yet to be confirmed by the BFRC at the FIT Show next week, but given what Phil has said, it looks like something we can expect to be announced. As for when it will be put in place is another matter. I haven’t been made aware of any dates. Also, a revised certificate will need to be produced, again, I have no more information as to how that will look or when this will be put in to place. Of course if I do find out any more info I will put it live here first!