BFRC Issue Warning Over “A Rated Glass”

You may have seen since WERs were introduced literature and adverts that say "A rated glass" somewhere on them. Well, the BFRC has issued a warning today to explain that this in fact is not allowed, and that companies found to be advertising glass as A rated could face a hefty fine. Window, not glass [...]

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Are You An Authorized Retailer?

Sometimes the industry really does make it hard for itself. For example, when the WER scheme became one of the main ways to show energy efficiency compliance, a lot of the industry was under the impression that an installer could use their own supplier's certificate providing it didn't have their company name on the certificate. [...]

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Response From BFRC: Certification And It’s Uses

Reply to Double Glazing Blogger Dear Sirs, We are writing in response to the Open Letter on your website of 6 March 2012. The first thing to say is that though BFRC has launched numerous new and dynamic WER licence products over the last 12 months there have been no changes made to the BFRC [...]

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Silence From The BFRC

A week ago, I published a post which explained that the BFRC has cast doubt over who can actually use their certification and how. This issue isn't in fact a week old. It's more like a month. The original source of this story explained to me that the BFRC raised this issue with him over [...]

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Open Letter To BFRC: Use Of Certification

When the Building Regulations changes came into force in October 2010, it was the industry's understanding that if an installer was using a supplier which had a fully glazed window tested by an official inspector and was registered with the BFRC, then that installer could use their certificate to show compliance. As you remember, the [...]

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>This Is Why The Industry Is A Joke!

>I've just read an e-mail sent by FENSA setting out information about the coming changes to Part L. On the last page of that e-mail it goes on to say: "It is generally anticipated the revisions will require at least a BFRC 'C' energy rated window and probably an equally demanding alternative method to demonstrate [...]

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>Authorised Retailers Scheme Update

>The WER supplement to the Glass Times magazine has provided information on the costs involved to join the Authorised Retailers scheme. They are as follows:There is a one off registration fee of £200To licence a single product (per annum): £199To licence multiple products (per annum): £399They do also point out however that between the 1st [...]

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>Authorised Retailer Scheme from the BFRC

>As of the 1st September, installers will now be able to install their energy rated windows under their own labels, and not their supplier's. From the selling angle, this is great for installers, as I'm sure many would rather advertise energy rated windows under their own label, and not their supplier's. For a change there [...]

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