Sky News today has heavily featured the Government’s new home improvement plans to force people into buying more home improvement measures. So, if a customer wants a new conservatory or windows and doors, they may be forced to install loft insulation for example.

The costs of these extra works would be covered by a loan taken out using the Government’s Green Deal scheme. But the problem is, and what Sky News have pointed out today, is will this new law put people off from doing the initial works they intended to do. Lets face it, selling the idea of MAKING you do more work to your home than you really want to at YOUR cost isn’t going to be popular.

A couple were interviewed on Sky News and were told of the idea. Their reaction was less than positive. Government’s own research is already pointing out that up take of the Green Deal is going to be low, and is facing setbacks. The new law is currently in it’s consultation phase, but with the story now making national television and finally giving the general public knowledge that windows and doors are part of the Green Deal, I don’t see that businesses or the general public will feel comfortable about being forced into extra works when they don’t want to have the work done.

I know that most in the window industry I have spoken to about this feel like it’s unworkable and an added pressure that our industry just does not need.