The double glazing industry gets to be in the BBC spotlight throughout April in the form of representation by the GGF!

The GGF will be part of the new series of Don’t Get Done Get Dom running through April, starring in 3 of the 6 episodes. These will be aired on the 10th, 20th and 26th of the month, all at 11am. Finally, the double glazing industry is going to get some decent exposure on a decent channel with our biggest industry body.

Now as my followers on Twitter will know, I’ve not had the best online rapport with the GGF and FENSA. In the past I have been highly critical of both organizations for their lack of actions on some major issues. However, my opinion is swaying the other way, and they have one person to thank for this; Mark Warren.

Many of you will recognize that name from Twitter or maybe in a personal sense. But he is VERY active on social media and this is where he has got it right in my point of view. Everyone knows he is the President of the GGF right now, and his frequent conversations with his Twitter followers and constant emails to various people within the industry has given the GGF a much more personal touch. In my eyes it has made them more approachable and more reasonable. Whenever I raise an industry issue Mark is always there to reassure me that it is being looked into and will make sure I get an answer as soon as I can. He has a good sense of humour and gets on generally with everyone he talks to. This is the sort of person the GGF has needed as, lets be honest, a lot of people were becoming disillusioned with the body. But his approachable nature and engaging sense of fun has begun to turn them around. How long are you allowed to be GGF President?

Anyway, that’s the brown nosing done! I look forward to the television appearances and will be watching when they air!