Over the last couple of months there has been a great deal of focus on getting the young and unemployed into apprenticeships and for companies to start taking on younger people in return for subsidies. The plan is a good idea, it makes use of the existing non-employed young population and the businesses get a a good all round benefit from them. According to the Employer Solutions Team, these are the benefits:

  1. Apprenticeships allow the business to secure a supply of people with the skills and qualities that the business required and which are often not available on the external job market;
  2. Apprenticeships help secure a supply of skilled young recruits – especially important for the replacement of an ageing workforce;
  3. Even if external recruitment was possible, Apprenticeships are less expensive to recruit and train than experienced workers hired on the external labour market because of high recruitment costs plus the costs of induction and any necessary training;
  4. Apprenticeships contribute to a pool of skilled and certificated employees for the sector from which a company might recruit in the future;
  5. They ensure that the supply-chain (i.e. sub-contractors) have a sufficiently skilled workforce;
  6. Apprentices tend to stay with the organisation and labour turnover is lower;
  7. Apprentices provide a cadre of employees from which to future managers could be selected;
  8. Apprenticeship training could increase interest in training amongst other employees;
  9. Apprenticeships demonstrate company’s commitment to the employee;
  10. Apprenticeships are more practical and job-related than other forms of learning;
  11. Apprentices can bring new ideas and innovation to the business;
  12. A good Apprenticeship scheme could be reflected in an enhanced reputation for the business both within the industry and in the local community
So, as you can see, plenty of advantages. And it just so happens that one of my sponsors, Fenestration College, do courses for just such apprenticeships, as well as doing their FREE NVQ qualification courses.
Lets face it, young labour from guys and girls willing to learn and get on the jobs ladder, and getting paid to provide those extra jobs at not cost to your other than your time, isn’t a bad deal, and you’ll be doing your bit for the 1 million+ young unemployed people.
Speaking from personal experience, our service engineer started out with us an apprentice. We trained him up for two years. He worked for us for four days a week and spent one day a week at college. He passed with flying colours and is one of the most highly skilled workers we have ever had work for us. He gets weekly good comments from customers and his knowledge of the product and company is astounding. All from being an apprentice.
No longer do apprentices have to attend collge on a day release. The Fenestration College brings the college to you. Also, modern apprenticeships are for 12 months so less commitment needed. Finally, a saving in excess of £7k a year on using an apprentice rather than a labourer on minimum wage and just to add the Fenestration College was behind the Glass Apprentice of the year at the G10 Awards at Wembley.
If you would like to get in on the apprentice act, please contact @f3nsa on Twitter, or ring Andy Clegg on 07553 370770 for more information. It really does pay to have an apprentice!