Remember all these posts I’ve been doing about fully funded NVQ courses for your fitters over the past few months? Remember how I’ve been saying that there isn’t an unlimited time period for these courses and that later on in the summer the funding will stop? Well, it’s about to!

To be more specific, the funding given to the Fenestration College which makes them able to provide these courses for free is due to stop at the end of the second week in July, which gives you just over two weeks to get your meetings with Andy Clegg  organized and your applications on the relevant desk.

As I have mentioned, NVQ’s are going to become a requirement in the near future as new Government legislation is finally going to bring in a need for all window installers to be qualified, like gas installers are now. This is something I have always been a supporter of as I think it will help a great deal in cutting out the dead wood fitters that our industry is plagued with and will help improve the current stock of installers who are determined to stay in the game.

Fenestration College are well equipped, well experienced and a very friendly bunch of people who are the ideal guys to be speaking to when it comes to getting your installers fitted with the right qualifications ready for the new changes. If you are leaving it late but wish to take advantage of this funding given the Fenestration College, speak to Andy Clegg on Twitter: @f3nsa, email on: or phone on: 07553 370770