With the emphasis on businesses to take on young people as apprentices over the last few months, I thought it might be useful to get the point of view from a person that used to be an apprentice and what they thought were the benefits of the course. Remember, if you’re business is looking to get into apprenticeships, you need to speak to the Fenestration College!

Asked the question: “detail the ways in which you have benefited from your apprenticeship” – this was the response:

The training which I have received has been highly beneficial to me in many ways, by increasing my knowledge of the correct procedures and practices that should be adhered to. I have researched Health & Safety regulations in depth which has helped me to run my business more effectively, from a safety and welfare perspective. In particular I have also studied the Building Regulations for my NVQ, which is exactly what I need to be doing if I am to achieve good window energy ratings for my company. I hope to use the most efficient and “greenest” window products available. I am aware of the forthcoming “Green Deal” government initiative, and hope to be ready for it, thanks to my research, training and enthusiasm shown by my assessor. This will also help me to achieve the coveted BSI approval stamp. So, I believe that I have gained skills to nurture and grow throughout my career within the window industry. More recently, I have become involved with my dad’s training company (a relatively new venture for him). Completing my Advanced Apprenticeship with the North Lancs Training Group has given me the confidence to become an assessor and trainer in my own right, after obtaining the necessary qualifications and licensing. Although I am relatively young for this role, my thorough training and experience has proved invaluable and given me undoubted credibility within the industry. I still wish to set up a training “academy”, as I have become aware that many fitters do not have the same high standards and training. Education is the way to achieve this. Through dedication, training and success, my confidence, which I initially lacked, has improved, allowing me to deal with customers and suppliers. Further up-skilling in literacy and numeracy on the NVQ Apprenticeship has further supported me.

So clearly, this guy believes that the skills he acquired through the apprenticeship have helped him develop both as a competent person but has also aided him in his new business and is confident that it will help him expand his business in the coming years.

The points he has made above are the same points that the champions of the new apprenticeship schemes are pushing and shouting about.

The company I work for has a service engineer that served as an apprentice for us and is now one of the best employees we have ever had! We get constant happy feedback every week, he knows every product inside and out and even though he is a service engineer he would actually make a 1st class fitter.

If you want your future employees to be well equipped for the future and to make sure your business benefits from highly skilled staff, please get in touch with the Fenestration College by calling 0845 543 0215 or 07553 370770 on Twitter @f3nsa or @debsterjane or email andy@fenestration-college.co.uk