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Time Is Running Out!

Remember all these posts I've been doing about fully funded NVQ courses for your fitters over the past few months? Remember how I've been saying that there isn't an unlimited time period for these courses and that later on in the summer the funding will stop? Well, it's about to! To be more specific, the [...]

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Apprentice, By An Apprentice

With the emphasis on businesses to take on young people as apprentices over the last few months, I thought it might be useful to get the point of view from a person that used to be an apprentice and what they thought were the benefits of the course. Remember, if you're business is looking to [...]

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Businesses Do Benefit From NVQ’s And Apprentices

NVQ's The Government are finalising their plans for the implementation of MTC Minimum Technical Competence, a scheme very similar to the Gas Safe one, which forces companies to make sure they have qualified for a Competent Persons Scheme. But in order to qualify for such a scheme, fitters are eventually going to require a qualification [...]

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The Apprentice. Plenty Of Reasons To Get One!

Over the last couple of months there has been a great deal of focus on getting the young and unemployed into apprenticeships and for companies to start taking on younger people in return for subsidies. The plan is a good idea, it makes use of the existing non-employed young population and the businesses get a [...]

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NVQ’s Required. May As Well Get Them Free!

I have it on good authority that at some point during this month, it will become mandatory that all new installers must have a NVQ qualification in installation. This I believe is a good thing as it stops anyone with just two arms, two legs and a van becoming a fitters without any regard for [...]

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Continued Success For Fenestration College

Since the public launch of the Fenestration College and their free NVQ Qualification courses just a few weeks ago, the company has seen a strong and positive reaction with plenty signing up for their courses. Here are some of the new companies that have signed up with them: Registered: The Window Company 3 x installers [...]

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Free NVQ Qualifications! For Now!

Over the next few months the issue of NVQ qualifications is going to become more and more important in our line of work. There is going to be a big push for the industry to improve the standard of fitting and is going to go through the same process that the gas industry went through [...]

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