I’m sure there are many companies in this industry which carry out their installations to the letter of the law. And I’m sure that most compliant companies also get rather irritated and annoyed by other companies who don’t abide by the same rules they do. So, what do you do if you see a rival company steal your genuine business for less money and is non-compliant?

Me, @NigelGrantUpvc, @eco_sash, @StJohnsWindows, @Edenwindows and @f3nsa were talking on Twitter earlier on in the day about this subject. We were all rather annoyed about the lack of policing and punishment in this industry to deal with the cowboys and totally unprofessional companies flouting the laws of our land.

We once reported a company for not carrying out an installation properly. Without rambling on about the details, we reported this other company to one of the biggest bodies in our industry – which had very little effect. It seemed that they just didn’t want to know about the case and were generally very lethargic in all aspects of dealing in the case, which in the end never got resolved and we just left it.

There doesn’t seem to be any body in this industry which either a) has the resources to be able to clamp down on these dreadful companies or b) just simply cannot be bothered dealing with the cowboys. I think that this is a mixture of both.

And if so, this simply isn’t good enough. We have bodies like FENSA, CERTASS and the GGF, some of the biggest organizations in our industry who have the money and the manpower who could really set up a non-compliance claims department who could investigate claims by other companies or consumers about companies illegally cutting corners and not doing things right. Yet they don’t, not really.

We need more teeth in this industry that are capable of handing out proper punishments and fines. To clarify here, I’m not saying we need another industry body. We already have way too many in the first place. But what we do need is a bit of collaboration, perhaps between the 3 bodies I mentioned above, to really get together to create a joint partnership which really tackles the non-compliant companies. Law abiding businesses should be able to protect their interests by being confident to report a dodgy company, knowing that something will actually happen and the report won’t just get filed away and left to be forgotten about.