One thing that has always bugged me while working in this industry is the sales reps that come round to your business premises trying to get you to change to a different supplier!

First of all, if an installer wanted to use a different supplier, surely they would go and contact one which they preferred? Not choose the next one that comes through the door handing over half a tree’s worth of half arsed brochures and promotional price lists! A busy office doesn’t want to be disturbed by traveling sales reps hoping to chance their arm at grabbing some time with the purchasing manager or the MD!

So, once they’ve left half the Amazon rainforest on your desk, that usually doesn’t stop there. They have taken a card with your company’s details on then proceeds to ring up very frequently over the next two weeks asking to speak to the MD or Manager or whoever is in charge of deciding which product you use. We never let them through. If we wanted their products we would have come to them in the first place!

Some of the reps I have come across both in person or on the phone have been very arrogant and very pushy when they start to sense that we’re not interested. By challenging the company they have contacted as to why they are not interested, is not the best tactic in the world to get their attention. Personally, I proceed to put the phone down on people when they start telling me I am stupid for not looking at another option. Telling me I’m stupid is not going to work.

When will these business and reps get the idea? Randomly turning up to a business or constant cold-calling isn’t working and just serves to annoy those they are contacting. I don’t mind direct mail. It’s not pushy and we can read the literature in our own time, then we can make a decision as to whether we are interested or not.

I am writing about this because a plastics company has been contacting us on a very regular basis and just isn’t getting the hint. He has asked for constant meetings with the MD, sending us numerous bits of literature we just simply don’t want to read and if I answer another phone call to him I am just going to put the phone down straight away.

Does this bother anyone else?