First of all, you will have to excuse my spelling as I am typing this from my phone!

As you will have noticed I have been plugging my campaign for windows and doors to have a VAT rating of 5% so that they are brought in line with the resy of the Green Deal home improvement measures. I have managed to garner quite a few names so far, of which I am very gratful. But as of yet I am uet to get some of the biggest names on there.

I know the GGF have been campaigning well for our industry, so I am asking them to endorse my campaign with their signatures to help keep the ball rolling. The more that sign this page and the more names we can gather, the more we can show the Government that the industry is united in this cause.

So I’m inviting Mark Warren and his friends at the GGF to add their names to my Low VAT For Windows page to help give this cause extra weight.

PS: I shall add images to this post and the front page as soon as I can get a proper internet connection!