I have heard from one of my contacts today of some troubling news for the double glazing industry in Devon. After yesterday’s news that Ultraframe had bought Quantal, I have been told that they plan to close Quantal in Devon to move everything up to Clitheroe in the North.

This is bad news for the Devon firm as they produce around 60 roofs a week, and which obviously puts countless jobs at risk. This unfortunately was always going to be a possibility. As with all company buyouts, the purchasing company always looks to streamline the other business to amalgamate it into their own model. This means the cutting of jobs and transferring of operations.

This news comes after another South-Western double glazing stalwart Launa Windows went into administration which I wrote about on April 26th.

The source assures me that this information is solid and told me that the info didn’t come with any promises to keep it quiet. However, there has been no official statement from either company as of yet – so plans may change or alter. I do hope that Quantal stays open. In this sort of economic climate the closure of manufacturing plants is never good news and I do hope Ultraframe think on about their future plans with Quantal.