I would like to welcome my newest sponsor, Quotatis, to this site!

Quotatis have been in business for 12 years now and are Europe’s biggest consumer and business quotation service.

For consumers, they provide FREE leads using professional tradespeople. For businesses, they provide low cost, fully qualified high quality leads. There is no joining fee for businesses and they have a unique ‘pay as you go’ payment method which allows companies to keep a track on what they’re spending, rather than spending a big chunk of money in one go just to wait for the trickling response for leads.

Quotatis have 3 targets they want to achieve:

  1. To make Quotatis the largest lead producing machine in the world.
  2. To generate over 1000 Quotation requests per day in the UK alone.
  3. To provide members of the public with a trusted source of reliable trades people.

They seem well on their way to being the world’s biggest lead generating machine. They are already biggest in Europe, so onwards and upwards! The hardest target is one which I think the whole industry is working towards. The double glazing industry is trying very hard to shake off the cowboy image, and if Quotatis are also reaching for the same goal, this can only be applauded. The more businesses that think like this the better!

To get up to four free quotes from Quotatis or go visit their website at: www.quotatis.co.uk. If you are a tradesperson you can e-mail them at info@quotatis.co.uk, or call them on 08448 044 344 or visit www.quotatispro.co.uk or contact them on their various Twitter accounts, this is their main one: @Quotatis