Composite doors are one of the success stories of the double glazing industry over the last few years. Through year after year of decline, the composite door sector has grown strongly every year since their introduction. And as with new products, there are always different types to choose from, and composite doors are no exception.

It is important to get the product right. You want to attract the right sort of customers with the right sort of price tag. It needs to have all the qualities that make it possible to transform the look of a home, as well as being high secure, easy to use and energy efficient. John Fredericks appear to have all those boxes ticked when it comes to their doors!

So listen up installers and take note, these are the selling points of a John Fredericks composite door:

  • 14 point locking consisting of: 2 x top and bottom shoot bolts, 3 x outer/inner facing hook locks, 2 x dead locks, 1 x centre locking latch, 4 or 6 x roller cams depending on height of door.
  • 3 high security anti-lift hinges.
  • Double rebated – this is a big one for installers
  • High security door cylinders as standard
  • U-values as low as 0.8
  • Noise reducing high density cores
  • Steel reinforced frames
  • Low thresholds
  • Wide range of door designs, colours and glass options

So, clearly plenty of selling points. But I think one of the biggest ones there is the double rebate. The composite door sector debate has always raged about the differences of single and double rebates. Many have championed the double rebated door as it has better thermal efficiency and weather proofing, so for some, this door will be a winner with some installers on that basis alone.

The days of PVCu paneled doors are gone, now is very much the time of composites. So if you’re looking to enter the market strongly, choosing a John Fredericks composite door would make a very good start.

To contact John Fredericks, get them on @jfplastics and @NewbuildsNo1 on Twitter or call 01422 314100 and ask for Thomas Monks.