Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for me to depart for Donnington Park in Derbyshire to attend the fantastic heavy metal festival that is Download!

I go almost every year (didn’t go last year, no one else was!) and this year is no exception. I shall thoroughly be enjoying the break as I would like to think I have worked my butt off during the first half of this year. So from today (Wednesday) comes 5 days of beer, crap food, awesome music and an awesome atmosphere. No sign of anything fenestration or blogs, I’ll even be quiet on Twitter! Well, there might be the odd funny picture that appears on my timeline!

However fear not, I have some articles set to publish over the next few days while I am not there to write them day by day. I have also managed to rope in some help to publish comments, so please carry on leaving your thoughts on here as they will be published, probably not as swift as I would do it but comments will get through!

As soon as I get back I shall post some of the best pictures on here to show you how heavy metal fans really let their long hair down and why Download, I believe , is one of the best festivals in the world!

Thanks for reading so far this year, plenty more to come from me I can assure you!