By the time you’re all reading this I will have already driven down to Donington Park, put up my tent and worked my way through at least half a crate of beer! Yes it’s that time of year where I bugger off for almost a week to go moshing, drinking and without a shower!

Last year was an utter mudfest! Anyone who went last year will understand how bad things were in 2012. The rain just did not stop and there was no evidence of grass whatsoever! I’m hoping in utter desperation that it’s not as bad this year! I don’t mind if it’s not sunny, just as long as it’s dry!

So, as always, I have pre-written some posts set to go live over the period I am away as normal. Though if you do decide to leave a comment I would expect it to be published AFTER I get back, which will be on Monday 17th. I need to save phone battery so won’t be be online at all…probably ;-)

In the meantime, feel free to browse the new home of DGB and let me know what you think!

See you when I get back! \m/