Having a scan through the range of magazines that were left for me while I was at Download Festival, I have noticed in the Window Industries magazine that their annual compilation of the top 30 most influential people in our industry is up for nominations.

It has become one of the things to look out for on the industry calendar. It is a chance for the industry to put it’s best names forward in a show of appreciation for who is doing the best work. But after speaking with one or two people and someone on Twitter, it appears that it may not be all that representative.

The general consensus is that the list is compiled by the same clique within the industry and that the thing is judged by people not involved in the industry. As I am not an expert in how these things are adjudicated, would someone be able to tell me exactly how these things are decided?

Also, if these lists are unfairly decided, isn’t there a case for someone else or another magazine with the time and the man power to collate unbiased data and judges? I think the industry likes the idea of a Top 30 Most Influential as it gives us a chance to celebrate some of the most innovative people in our line of work. But this sort of list needs to be unbiased, fair and relevant. Something which, judging by the comments from other people, it isn’t right now.

Before anyone thinks I’m aiming to get a spot on there, I’m not. I would just like to see a fairly adjudicated list of people who make a real impact in our industry. Although if you feel compelled to put my name forward then feel free to do so ;)