When I mean Euro, I don’t mean the ailing European economy, I mean the European Football Championships. In an earlier post I was talking about the possible negative effect that the upcoming football might have on our industry.

In the past, big national events or sporting events like World Cups or the Euros have seen the industry go noticeably quiet during the length of the competitions. During the Diamond Jubilee celebrations things certainly did go quiet as I thought they would. The nation took a few well deserved days off to celebrate something truly unique and British. But after that, despite the start of the football, things have picked up quite nicely and in fact we could be on for one of our best weeks of the year this week.

The last World Cup saw a big drop in leads while the competition was on. Probably because we had more hope back then that our team would actually do well (silly I know) and go far in the competition. This time round though, the nation really didn’t hold out much hope for our team and certainly seem less bothered. Hence, no drop in sales like usual and rather more sales than at this time last year!

Overall, we are still trading 9 weeks ahead of where we should be based on our targets this year. There has been less of an up and down style to this year than last. Every week and every month has been steady, with every target being met well in advance, giving us plenty of time to focus on the next quarter. What I do hope is that when the Olympics come round, there isn’t a dramatic drop to put a halt to this good run. Though I think it might as we are all probably genuinely a bit excited about it!