Of the 16,000 or so window companies in the UK, a chunk of those are really good companies doing the best they can with the best products out there. There’s a chunk of companies at the other end of the spectrum, doing a little as possible using a cheap, poor quality product and lacking no ambition whatsoever.

Then there is the big fat middle of the industry. The ones that are just coasting along, using an average product, selling at average prices using average fitters. Not falling down, but not exactly trying to scales the heights of success. And this annoys me, greatly.

Why are we in business? Hopefully you’re all saying to make money and make a difference. If so, good, that’s the right principle to have. But there are a lot in business who seem to have become stagnant and let their business become unimaginative and fall victim to those who are more proactive. Their market share probably hasn’t improved over the past few years either.

But why settle for OK? Why settle for just a small percentage of the local market? What I can’t understand is how some in business don’t want to actively do their very best. If it was me I would be doing my best to aggressively capture as much of the market around me by having the best product, using the best fitters and actively looking to do 110% in all areas to make sure I’m as successful as possible. Certainly no coasting.

It is hard trying to keep the same level of energy up for business 24/7. But my dig in this post is aimed at those groups of businesses who have just left developments fly by them, who have used the same old techniques in all areas of their business for way too long and have let their businesses go from fresh start
-ups to dowdy concerns lacking ambition and drive. These are the sorts of businesses that cause a drag on the industry as a whole and would probably serve better if they were bought out by other companies who do have the drive to do better. Or go bust.

Either way, I think for the industry to move forward in a strong, positive manner, these businesses need to buck up their ideas, stop settling for OK and rediscover their ambition to do as best they can in business.