Triple glazing I think has now been around enough for people to know about it and ask for it. Yet up to press I can’t remember on one single occasion about being asked if we do triple glazing which is slightly disappointing.

We do make it clear to customer that we do do it and we do explain the advantages that triple glazing brings to the home. But it does still take some persistence to get the point of triple glazing across.

I remember when I was in Scotland and saw more evidence of triple glazing and an established market place for such a product. Here in England though, this is not the case. I think England has always been behind when it comes to new green or energy efficient measures, Scotland always seems to be on the front foot. WAKE UP ENGLAND!

I think the problem is that double glazing has been embedded for so long in our industry that any other major developments that look set to be the new standard take time to bed in, no matter how much promotion or pushing a company or a group of businesses do. Look at window energy ratings for example. The products were there for years before people started actively asking for the most energy efficient double glazing.

I know some of our competitors have been doing triple glazing for about a year, they would be best placed to comment on the success of triple glazing. What would be good to know is if the sales of triple glazed windows has been through their pushing of the product of by people actually coming to see them and asking if they do such a window.

Like I’ve said already, requests from the general public for triple glazing for us have been nil. Only when we have pushed the product does the customer then buy into the idea and becomes more interested. Still more work to do to get triple glazing to the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to replacing their windows. But we will get there, it will just take a couple more years that’s all.