Morley Glass Triples Post-Consumer Glass Recycling Capacity

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass: The UK’s largest manufacturer of Screenline integral blinds will be recycling more post-consumer glass and supporting more local good causes than ever following the installation of a new state of the art automated machinery to process waste glass collected from Uni-Blinds® installers. The new plant commissioned [...]

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This Is How Much You Actually Save By Recycling Glass

Recycling is going to play a massive part in the fenestration sector's efforts to reach net zero. PVCu recycling has continued to grow at a good clip, but one area that I believe needs massive improvement is glass recycling. Glass is pretty simple to recycle, yet the number of companies that have taken to [...]

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CNC Recycling Gains NFA Nomination For Recycling Company 2021

CNC Recycling Ltd has been nominated for Recycling Company in the National Fenestration Awards (NFAs). The CNC Recycling team are delighted and very proud to have been recognised by the sector for the recycling services they offer. Melanie Reid, Managing Director, CNC Recycling Ltd said, “Everyone at CNC Recycling is very grateful for all [...]

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Would You Manufacture And Sell More Recycled Fenestration Products?

Recycling is very much in the frame right now. Sorry. But it is, and as a sector we need to start getting used to the idea of recycling all that we use, and selling more fenestration products that are made in part, or whole of recycled materials. It's not the sexiest topic to talk [...]

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Your Gaskets Might Be Getting Dumped, Not Recycled

Earlier on today I was pointed to an article on page 100 of the latest digital edition of GGP Mag. It was an article by Danny Williams. He is the MD of Pioneer Trading. His article was about the industry and recycling, but shedding light on what may well be a huge problem. He [...]

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Is Recycling PVCu Really That Safe?

Recycling is widely accepted as the right thing to do for any material. Plastic, wood, metal and anything else in between. We're encouraged to recycle as much as possible. Whole companies and organisations have been created to facilitate the the recycling of post-consumer waste. Including in our own industry. Companies like Eurocell and VEKA have [...]

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Embrace Recycled PVC, Before It’s Forced On Us

Virgin plastic versus recycled plastic. Ask any sales person what they prefer to tell their customers they will almost always say that they prefer to tell their customers their windows and made from virgin PVC. It sounds better and you don't have to then convince the customer about the benefits of using recycled plastic. But [...]

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VEKA Announces Massive Carbon Saving

Off all the systems companies articles that get pushed out on a regular basis, I have highlighted this one as an important one. Important because the world and it's ever growing population has a very pressing need to become far more energy efficient than it is now, and more specifically our industry has to as [...]

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Eurocell Recycling Award Demonstrates Need For Change

Eurocell has recently won an award for ‘Materials Recycler of the Year (Large)’ category at the National Recycling Awards 2012. Just a quick change of point, how can an awards ceremony for the year be held half way through the year?! Anyway, part of the reason why Eurocell were given this award was for their [...]

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Skip Less

Over the last few weeks many of us have received letters from our skip companies explaining some quite steep rises in the cost of skips. We got ours the other day, from £168 per skip we are now being asked to pay £220! A rise of £52. There has been a recent change in the [...]

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>Money For Old Frames

>Eurocell have just opened their £3 million brand spanking new recycling centre in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The facility is capable of processing 12,000 post consumer waste frames per week, adding up to an impressive 624,000 frames per year. This massive new operation put them at the forefront of PVCu recycling in the UK.In an industry which [...]

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>It’s PVCu, But Not As We Know It!

>PVCu recycling has been around in the industry for a few years now. Some post consumer waste goes towards being made into things such as insulation and other similar things. Some post consumer waste goes back into making new PVCu frames. So what direction does the industry need to take when it becomes too expensive and [...]

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>Now’s The Time To Start Recycling

>If you haven't already heard, skip costs are set to jump a further 20% from Friday 1st April. Unfortunately this is not an April fools joke!The costs are rising because of annually increasing rates on landfill tax, and will continue to rise until 2014. The theory behind the rises is to try to wean the [...]

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>PVCu Recycling Market

>The residual effect of an expanding 2nd and 3rd generation replacement window market is the creation of a potentially huge PVCu recycling sector.Companies like Veka and Ecoplas have put some real effort into getting set up to cope with the influx of this increasing market. And it's good for the industry too. Us installers get [...]

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