Just look at that graph. How disappointing is that!?

There is something ironic in this graph and the industry as a whole. We all beat the drum about how the world and this industry is moving to an ever more important online presence, yet the amount of people searching for double glazing and conservatories is well down from what it should be really.

I know the terms ‘double glazing’ and ‘conservatories’ is a bit general and doesn’t show a totally accurate representation of various areas up and down the country. But with general activity about our industry on the internet on the rise, I would have thought that maybe this year we would have seen that graph begin to climb back up the rankings.

We probably shouldn’t take these results too seriously. The terms are very generic and don’t really portray the more local results. For example, in Wakefield where I am based, there are quite a few double glazing companies around which do create a heavy web presence. Web traffic in this area for double glazing will be quite high in comparison to towns and villages where there few or no double glazing companies.

So, in conclusion, a bit depressing, but probably nothing too serious to be worried about!