I found this on the Total Jobs website.

Recently on Twitter, I have been getting on quite well with both @safestyle and @the_window_man and have managed to have pretty decent conversations regarding our industry and other non-windows-related matters. But then I was shown this ad. Notice the two bullet points in the middle of it?

Now I can understand the first bullet point saying ‘no cold calling’. They don’t want to put applicants off straight away. But lets make sure we don’t fall under the impression that no cold calling goes on. It does. A lot of it. Then there is the second half of that first point. ‘No hard selling involved’. I’m sorry, but EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER I have seen who have had Safestyle in their home have reported sits four hours long or more! They have reported hard sell tactics every time and a generally poor experience. It is also the generally accepted narrative that the company does rely on it’s ‘close on the night’ ethos.

As I have said, I have got along with some of the Safestyle team over the last few weeks on Twitter. But I think if people knew the truth about what really goes on then this ad would be worded quite a bit differently!