The up and down habits of this industry have continued in the same vein this year as they have in previous years.

The beginning of the summer holidays, usually the last two weeks in July, always sees a dip in all areas. This July was no different. The first half of the month was as productive and successful for us. But the third and fourth weeks took a noticeable turn for the quiet side. The phones were quieter, leads were slow, as was footfall in the showroom and sales suffered for it.

It’s a weird old thing. Every year, the same couple of weeks in the same month there is always this dip. Those two weeks when parents have to cope with their kids being housebound for a fortnight because of the crap British weather making it harder for them to be entertained. New windows, doors or a conservatory always then seem to travel way down that list of things to do.

However, once those two weeks have passed, people seem to then remember that if they get their windows bought now, they can have them fit when their kids go back to school when they have more time to get things done. And this is exactly what has happened over the last couple of days! It’s like a light bulb was suddenly turned back on again! Leads way back up, footfall in the showroom much better and the sales coming back in force. In fact, I’m happy to say that we are now focusing on the last quarter targets now already, 8 weeks in advance!

It’s a strange pattern, but it happens every year. Those two weeks in particular, every time for the 6 years I have worked as a salesman. The only other times you get such a specific dip in activity is the bank holidays and Christmas. Anyway, business is back so it’s time for us all to put our feet back on the gas and make the most of the opportunities out there!