History is a big thing in our industry. Other industries have other showpiece elements, but ours seems to be big on history. Maybe because our sector is full of companies that start up, go bust, change names and so on, meaning no sort of history can be established. Therefore we cherish our history when get into the big numbers.

One such company which can boast a long and successful history is John Fredericks. In 2012 they are celebrating their 42nd year in business! Which, lets face it, in our industry is like dog years! Over four decades in this business certainly is some going.

Being in business requires a variety of skills and ethics in this industry. John Fredericks has always had a very keen focus on quality. While other manufacturers have come and gone, providing cheaper but lesser quality products, John Fredericks’ has kept focus on quality. It means they won’t be the cheapest company in this industry, but this isn’t what matters as you don’t get quality products by spending hardly any money.

When John Fredericks first started out, they were firmly in the timber market. But as PVC entered the market, they understood that the industry was going to move in that direction and so moved with it. But, as many will know, the early PVC industry suffered badly from poor quality products, poor manufacturing and major problems with security and discolouration. So JFS had to make sure that if they were going to sell PVC that they had to do it properly. To avoid those problems, they used, and continue to use the very successful windows systems from WHS Halo, widely seen as one of the best profiles on the market. If you start your journey in this industry with quality, you can be confident that you are going to have a history to talk about in the years to come.

As well as quality, Fredericks also have the right team of people around them. Weak links in staff mean mistakes are made, or that the service department doesn’t function efficiently when it really needs to. Thankfully, JFS have the right staff in place in all department. As a customer of their for nearly three decades, we know how well the staff work and how efficient the whole process is thanks to them. If we weren’t happy with their service of product, we wouldn’t have been one of their longest serving customers!

At 41 years old, John Fredericks continues to weather the economic storm well, thanks to it’s dedication to quality and service. Key ethics if you are to survive and flourish in this industry. If you think John Fredericks can be good for your business, contact them on Twitter: @jfplastics and @NewbuildsNo1, email them: sales@johnfredericksplastics.com or call 01422 314100 and ask for Thomas Monks.