Remember when I posted the video on this blog of the Corning Glass inspired life we all might living in the near future? If not, here’s the link to that post: watch that video again, then watch the one below. A Day Made Of Glass 2 is an expanded vision based on the first video. This one takes a little look at home life, a well as what smart glass technology can do for education inside and outside the home, as well as in medical care. It’s as impressive as the first one!

[youtube_video id=”jZkHpNnXLB0″]

The possibilities of this technology are amazing. It will change the way we live and is already doing so. Corning’s partnership with Samsung is already churning out some impressive ideas. Take the Samsung Smart window for example:

[youtube_video id=”mTVPVobDrms”]

The two Corning videos show smart glass being used in every day life, which if the creations are to be believed, is going to make life rather funky indeed! But in this country we have rather strict energy efficiency laws. What I would like to know is how smart glass would be incorporated into the home whilst still abiding by the relevant security and efficiency laws. Would this sort of technology be able to make the jump to normal scenarios like double glazing and conservatories, still being secure and energy efficient, without losing it’s functionality? I’d really like to think so. Imagine being able to offer products like you’ve seen in the videos! Would take double glazing from the dull and boring table and over to the cool table!