The MyTradeTV band wagon carries on gathering pace, with the fantastic announcement that Guardian Glass has joined the website for the next 12 months. They join a growing number of companies that are now realizing that the traditional means of advertising via print are simply not working and that outlets like this are going to become the main methods for companies looking to get their messages across.

MyTradeTV Managing director Lee Clarke said ” It is fantastic news and we look forward to working closley with Guardian to help achieve the vision for their online marketing. We are working hard to make sure the glazing industry get the most from advertising and when big Industry names like the GGF, Masterframe and Guardian see our vision and join our project it really shows how big MyTradeTV is becoming”.

As with any new idea, it’s a bit of a struggle to prove credibility and that it has the legs to get off the ground. With the GGF, Masterframe and Guardian Glass already on board, with more to be announced, it’s clear that MyTradeTV is going to have an increasingly large impact on our industry and how our companies get their exposure.

To get involved with MyTrade TV, contact them on Twitter: @mytradetv, call Lee: 07414 551663 or visit: