Before long, most who can afford it will have a form of advanced mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet computer. And it is those devices which will determine how people consume media. As these devices continue to become more popular it is content that is going to have to change if it is to grab the attentions of their target audience. It i video, and the quality of that video which is going to be key.


I have always believed it is hard to make a quality window and door advert. The damage has been done by decades of cheesy and annoying TV adverts that really only serve to irritate most people, rather than grab their attention. However, one of the best put together adverts I have seen in a long time came from Cutting Edge UPVC showing off their Residence 9 range of timber alternative windows:

The production quality of the video is fantastic. The message was also simple. It didn’t try to be gimmicky or tacky. In it’s own subtle way it simply showed how their PVC range looks and feels just like the real timber counterpart. If more adverts tried to be the same, then I think we’d start to learn to all make some decent quality video adverts for our industry.

Video Dedicated Companies

Although we have free sites like YouTube and Vimeo for us to upload our own videos, we don’t all have the skills and equipment in order to put together a video such as the one above. It takes time, money and expertise. That is where companies established to create quality video content are going to play a big part.

Take MyTrade TV for example. They were established with the aim of bringing video content to the UK fenestration industry. Their business is pinned centrally on that model. I think they were the first business in our industry to be created specifically for the aim of video. If you look on their website, video plays a key role in the content of the site. Yes there is text, an editorial column and so on. But video plays a massive part on that website.

They have the staff, the technology and the skills to be able to put together some excellent production. And when you look at the price of what that costs, versus the cost of filming something to be put on TV, its cheap. More and more video content is being viewed online, whilst the TV market is becoming fragmented and adverts are being increasingly skipped thanks to things like catch up TV and on-demand services.

Video Is More Fun

The other factor to consider as well is that video is more fun. It can be far easier to watch a 5 minute review of something rather than read something for a far longer amount of time on the same subject. Take this site for example. I fully understand that at some point soon I am going to have to break away from daily written posts and move into producing videos for some of my posts instead.

I know that reading this site will become less and less attractive if I don’t change the way I produce my content. So video is the way I need to go. And the same goes for a lot of others as well. Reading something is OK. Looking at pictures is OK. But video is far more engaging and attention grabbing, and I’m going to give you a very good example:

Some of you may have seen these guys. I think they’re fantastic. All they sell are wipes, a very day to day product, which on the face of it isn’t that exciting. But the guy presenting in the video is fantastic. He clearly loves the product. He is full of energy and enthusiastic for the product. Although it’s just wipes, this video makes me want to go out and buy them. That’s the power of good video content.

Not looking at video yet? You should be.