I am sure many of you will have seen already, but if not, this is the stunning new news cast from MyTradeTV:

[youtube_video id=”7A6fypCgp1Y”]

What you are watching ladies and gentlemen is how the news in the fenestration industry is going to be displayed. Now the mobile device is king, and with brilliantly professional videos like this easily available online, this really start to capture the imaginations of companies who are wanting to display their products and information. It may even start to stir the old guard who were previously dedicated to the print publications in to thinking about the fantastic new possibilities.

I really am impressed with this opening video. Not only because the NFA’s get a cheeky mention at the beginning, but at the quality and professionalism. You rarely get video of this quality in our industry and it is fantastic to see someone putting their money and reputation on the line to strive for something that definitely will change our industry.

I am pleased for MyTradeTV MD Lee Clarke. I have known him for a few years now and had a few nay-sayers when he first set up MTTV. But I know they type of person Lee is and he is not one to let the negative people grind him down. This video is proof of the distance he and the company has come and demonstrates how important MTTV will become in our industry in the future. You could call this a niche, but it’s one hell of a niche!

PS, look out for other stunning videos from other online industry platforms ;-)