The guys at MyTradeTV have gone and given their website a bit of a refresh. Well, more of a complete overhaul than a refresh, and the new version of the site is looking really good!

The new MTTV site is now a lot easier to navigate and has a brand new modern look that fits right into 2014. The front page is a lot more content-rich and lets finding specific information easier:

MTTV screen shot

When the new fenestration resource first started, it was always going to look a bit like a diamond in the rough, and MD Lee Clarke will be the first to admit that this new version of MTTV blows the old version out of the water! He’s a good friend of mine and I know how hard he has worked to get this new version up and ready as soon as possible.

As with all things new there will remain a bit of tinkering until the team have got it exactly as they want it, so expect to see a few more alterations as the weeks go on. But I can be pretty confident now that MyTradeTV is becoming one of the best places to go online for all fenestration related industry news and videos.

You can visit the brand new site here: contact them on Twitter here: @mytradetv email them here: or ring them on this number: 01226 345670