Video Is Key To Content Marketing

Before long, most who can afford it will have a form of advanced mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet computer. And it is those devices which will determine how people consume media. As these devices continue to become more popular it is content that is going to have to change if [...]

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MyTradeTV News Cast Shows The Future

I am sure many of you will have seen already, but if not, this is the stunning new news cast from MyTradeTV: [youtube_video id="7A6fypCgp1Y"] What you are watching ladies and gentlemen is how the news in the fenestration industry is going to be displayed. Now the mobile device is king, and with brilliantly professional videos [...]

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MyTradeTV: The Information Age

In an age of RSS feeds, online alerts, search marketing and instantly deliverable digital content we've all become pretty much spoiled for choice in terms of the content that we consume.  With traditional push style advertising such as banner advertisements that we see whilst we're walking through town, it's just so untargeted.  But with the [...]

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MyTradeTV Launches Online Interactive Mag

I am glad to see one of our online bastions has been making waves again. This time in the form of a brand new online magazine flipboard. If you haven't seen it yet, click this link to take yourself there: Personally, I think there is now an online magazine which suits our industry correctly. There [...]

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MyTradeTV: A Credible Way To Advertise

I think it is a fair assumption that there has been quite a few meetings over the last few months, discussing the issue of advertising and whether to start pulling out of the magazines in favour of the online market. Don't lie and tell me they haven't because I know they have! Don't go there! [...]

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Further Additions To The MyTradeTV Site

As the success of the MyTradeTV web channels grow, so does the website itself. It's important for a website to keep evolving and keep updating - it keeps people coming back and spending more time on the site! Of the new additions to the service, the first is the podcasts. The podcasts are the best [...]

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MyTradeTV Gets Guardian

The MyTradeTV band wagon carries on gathering pace, with the fantastic announcement that Guardian Glass has joined the website for the next 12 months. They join a growing number of companies that are now realizing that the traditional means of advertising via print are simply not working and that outlets like this are going to [...]

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MyTradeTV: Strong Start, Getting Stronger

In an industry which is increasingly hard to get a decent foothold into with something new, MyTradeTV sort of stands out as one of the few success stories over recent months. Both the Locksmith channel and the Glazing channel have only been live a few months each, but already the site is gaining good traffic [...]

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MyTradeTV: The Place To Show Off Your Company!

MyTradeTV is very close to launching now. For those who don't know, MyTradeTV is going to be an internet based hub for all things industry related. The twist with this site though is the video-heavy focus it will have. Unlike Youtube which is a general video site for everything and anything, MyTradeTV is going to [...]

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Potential To Revolutionise Our Industry

There has been plenty of discussion over the last few weeks about the value of online advertising in this industry, and how more and more advertising is going online. Now, something is on the horizon that could change the way the industry does it marketing forever. The idea is MyTradeTV. The concept behind MyTradeTV is [...]

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