Last night, as I was languishing in bed after doing way too much too quick on the rowing machine, I got asked this question on Twitter:

@glazingblogger question for u. Who are the 5 biggest profile manufacturers in UK. Who sells most profile ? Cheers

Last time I was asked this question, I was told that Rehau was the UK’s largest supplier. This was in 2010. But at the same time I was told that they were thinking of pulling out of the UK sooner rather than later. Up to press this hasn’t happened. I have no idea if these plans have been scrapped if they are still to be carried out.

So, due to a lack of time and knowledge I am asking you learned folk: who, in terms of tonnage, is the UK’s largest window profile manufacturer? I’m guessing some of you with the latest Palmer reports will probably have the numbers to hand, but I’m going to hazard a guess that it might be Rehau still at the top. But I think either Veka or Synseal would make a close second. The last time I looked, newly bought out Halo came fifth in 2010.

Of all the lists and stats that are compiled about our industry every year, it is surprising that more of a fuss isn’t made about who is the biggest profile supplier in the UK. I would have thought that the companies would have liked to have everyone know who is the biggest. Purely from an ego point of view of course!